About Things Worth Keeping

Hello! I'm DawnAnn, owner and framer at Things Worth Keeping...

DawnAnn Johnson, owner

I have had the opportunity to take great pleasure in framing some wonderful treasures – especially of the heart and mind – for some equally amazing clients. Sometimes a stranger comes through my door and places an incredible piece of their life on my counter to be displayed and remembered. Usually people don’t stay strangers for long! These “things worth keeping” always have a story, something to be contemplated while designing their perfect presentation. I love working with art, photographs, treasures, documents – whatever comes my way! – to create a piece that may be enjoyed for generations.

I have owned Things Worth Keeping since 2005. The previous owners of the gallery taught me the great framing technique that had been honed by their many years of experience. In addition, I completed Larson-Juhl’s Custom Framing Course in Denver, CO. Also, whenever possible, I attend the annual West Coast Art & Framing Show in Las Vegas where I fill the week with as many specialized continuing education classes as I can fit in! The framing trade journals and company reps are also excellent resources for continuing education in framing. Technology continues to bring new developments to the industry and it is fun and important to keep up with it all!

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