Framed documents make a statement similar to “the picture worth a thousand words”.

The most commonly framed document at Things Worth Keeping is the degree. A perfectly framed degree speaks volumes about your education, your history, your profession and professionalism and is a well-deserved reminder of how hard you worked to get it! Degrees may be framed simply or designed beautifully to make your statement.

Licenses, certificates and other business documents are also commonly framed, and allow the business to display important credentials.

Another perfect document framing project is the birth, baptism or marriage certificate. These can be beautifully framed and will be treasured and protected for generations.

Newspaper articles are also great candidates for framing. If the newspaper is too yellowed or fragile, it can be scanned and reprinted at the gallery.

Bring your documents in for complimentary design and estimates and see what you are missing by keeping them hidden away!

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