Fitting is the process of securing the glass, mats and art or canvas into the frame and finishing the project with a dust cover and hangers.

Conservation backing paper is the dust cover of choice at Things Worth Keeping. It’s quality, durability and appearance far exceed the plain brown kraft paper used at most frame shops. It is sealed to the back edges of the frame to prevent dust and insects from moving in to your art’s space.

Like everything else in framing, there are several options for the hanging system! There are the traditional screw eyes which are used only by request since they are the least appealing option. Most commonly used are D-ring hangers which lay flat and come in sizes for different weights. These are used with a hi-tech nylon coated stainless steel wire that is crimped to the perfect length. Another method is “Wall Buddies”, which are self leveling and also serve as corner braces to strengthen the frame. Finally there is the “Hangman” system which involves installing a bracket on the wall that bracket on the frame fits on. “Hangman” can also be fitted with a locking bracket which requires a key to unlock it from the wall! Which system to use depends on the size, weight, placement and security requirements of the piece.

And you thought picture hangers were easy!

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